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ClearView Dynamics Pen Spy Camera

Small Camera, Big Results

Easy-to-Use, High-Quality Recording with ClearView Dynamics Pen Spy Camera.

Quality Video

Powerful tool that packs a lot of features into a discreet package. With its built-in 1080P camera, you can capture high-quality video at the touch of a button.

Discreet Design

One of the most important features of a spy camera is its discreet design. The camera should be small and unobtrusive, and ideally should look like an everyday object (like a pen or a clock) so as not to draw attention.

Long Recording Time

With up to 150 minutes of long working time, the Spy Camera Pen is perfect for extended surveillance or undercover operations.

ClearView Dynamics Pen Spy Camera Specifications



  • Take photos
  • Record Video & Audio in HD
  • Record video with the press of one button
  • Take photo by double-clicking
  • Works as a real pen
  • SD card memory

Capture Every Detail with Our Discreet Spy Camera Pen

One of the best things about the Spy Camera Pen is that it's incredibly easy to use.

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